Pizza EATaliano

Pizza házhoz szállítés

Pizza EATaliano delivery Budapest

A dessert or a soft drink is on the house for orders over HUF 7,000!

Choose from the following products (one for every HUF 7,000): Tiramisu, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Cheese Cake or a 1,25-litre Coca Cola, Cola light, Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite or a 1.5-litre Naturaqua sparkling or still mineral water.

Please indicate your choice in the remark box.

Delivery area:

I - V - VI - VII - VIII - XIII. districts

and part of

II - III - IX - XI - XII. districts

Minimum orders:

In districts I – V – VI – VII – VIII - XIII the minimum order is HUF 1,590.
In districts II – III – IX – XI – XII the minimum order is HUF 1,750.

Handmade tradidional italian pizza

Traditional pizza

Pizza EATaliano restaurants offer traditional thin and crusty Italian pizzas, authentic pastas, salads and grilled dishes. Our pizzas, dough balls and breads are handmade one by one and our pizza dough is kneaded using our own special recipe.

Fresh, quality ingerdients

Quality ingredients

All our dishes are made from fresh ingredients and the pizza sauce used for our pizzas is imported straight from the San Marzano region in Italy. We offer some of Italy’s best wines, and our Italian coffee and our homemade desserts are also one of a kind.

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